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J.L. Chave Selection Saint-Joseph 'Offerus' 2015, 750ml

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Jean-Louise Chave is now the 16th generation of his family to farm Syrah in the northern Rhone Valley. While their bottling of Hermitage are consistently considered some of the greatest Syrah in the world, this newer line of wines, "J.L. Chave Selection" is a wonderful way to appreciate their style on a more approachable price point, and here specifically from the village of Saint-Joseph where the Chave family has historically lived. With a nose mingling dark berry fruit and plum with ground coffee, grilled red meat and a hint of black olive, this is a fantastic wine to enjoy with dinner, but it’s also great alongside cheeses of many styles. There is sturdy structure, but not overly grippy tannin, adding to its versatility among many types of food and palates. A perfect wine for the cooler months!